Leyland Hippo 19H/3E, 10 ton, 6×4, GS, Tractor Heavy Arctic with Douglas SM-75/PGM-17A Thor IRBM on Transporter/Erector Trailer

Special note for this drawing:

The scans of this drawing have a slightly convoluted history.

The drawing is on two sheets. Each sheet is too large to fit on A4 paper at 1/76 scale. I believe Mick Bell intended these to be printed on two A3 sheets.

However, when we first scanned all the drawings and set up this website, we only had a copy that was scaled down further and printed on two sheets of A4. I scanned these and scaled the images back up again to what I believe is 1/76 scale. I verified this with measurements, and by comparison with drawing 77 of the Leyland Hippo, so I’m fairly sure the scale is correct.

Later, we rediscovered A3 copies. I scanned these, thinking that they would be higher quality and intending to replace the scaled-up A4 scans. However, on comparing the two sets of scans, the scans of the A4 copies appear to be more detailed. Perhaps the A4 copies were printed from an AutoCAD original using a better printer.

In summary:

The first scans are scaled up from a smaller but better quality print.

The second scans are higher resolution scans of a larger but lower quality print.

Overall, I think the first scans are better, but I’ve included both here.

First scans

Download full size image here

Download full size image here

Second scans

Download full size image here

Download full size image here